What are Stretchers and Stretcher Pads?

What are Stretchers and Stretcher Pads?

Posted by Birkova Products On 28th Jun 2019 In Stretcher, Stretcher pads, custom

Stretchers or Gurneys:
A Stretcher or Gurney is a wheeled bed that is used in emergency rooms and medical facilities in general to transfer patients. A lot of stretcher beds come with the capability of height, wheels, track, and frame adjustments.

Stretchers come with replaceable mattresses that are generally flexible enough to conform to the bed when the frame is adjusted. The most common ones come with universal corners (two rounded and two angled) to fit most beds. Shop our Stretcher Pads

Foam- thickness
The inside of the pad or mattress is generally made with medium firm high density foam to ensure a solid yet flexible surface. The most common thickness is 4” depending on the table and the patient’s needs. If the medical facility requires a special structure, custom service can be made with a variety of options, to learn more about custom mattresses, click here.

Mattresses are covered with health care grade vinyl that can be standard or more stretchy. The best kind is usually the waterfall sewn vinyl to ensure the fall of all liquids from the pad. To learn more about waterfall pads, click here