What are Patient Safety Straps and their uses?

What are Patient Safety Straps and their uses?

On 29th Jul 2019

Patient Safety Straps:
Patient Safety Straps are made specifically for the medical industry to help and insure the patients stability and proper positioning. They are used in the surgery room on Surgical Tables, Armboards, or Beds, and also used on Stretchers for a safer transfer.
Size, material, and length vary in Safety Straps depending on the patient’s weight, procedure, and surgical table type. 

Surgical Table Safety Straps:
Surgical table safety straps are made with either synthetic rubber or vinyl and they both achieve the same functionality:

Stretcher Safety Straps:

  • All Velcro strap. See our:  PR-9000
  • Cloth strap. PR-9200

Armboard Safety Straps:

  • Armboard safety straps with buckles. See our: PR-4200
  • Armboard safety straps with Velcro. See our: PR-4000

Disposable Safety 
Disposable Armboard Strap one single-use with a hook and loop closure. See our: PR-4900

Custom Safety Straps:
Custom Straps can be made for most beds or attachment. Made in the USA by Birkova Products.