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Promise Soft Thermo Memory Foam Pillow

3.00 LBS


The Promise Soft Thermo pillow is made up from a SuperSoft Memory Foam container layer that ensures tailor-made comfort whatever your position may be during sleep and an upper Memory Foam layer in a different color, which identifies different features that meet the many needs for rest. The Thermo element guarantees a pleasant sensation of freshness due to its high breathability.


Shapes and functionality

In this classical shape, you can find a combination of the properties of high-performance materials such as Memory Foam, which conforms to the body without exerting any counter-pressure and the SuperSoft visco-elastic, which assures a high level of comfort while giving correct support, thus preventing contractions. The essential oils promote sleep and give the pillow a pleasant scent. A series of through-holes ensures the exchange of air and greater breathability.

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